Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Democrats vs Republicans - Both Wrong

The problem with Democrats is that they think we have to tax more to spend more. The problem with Republicans is that they think we have to spend less to tax less. Both are dead wrong! Federal taxes are not revenue. They are never respent. They simply drain dollars out of the economy.

The federal government is in no way like a business or a household. It is the source of all US dollars, not just a mere user like a business or household. It does not need or use income to fund its spending, it creates new dollars each time it spends. The sooner we all realize that, the sooner we can quit all the stupid bickering about harmless federal deficits and debt and get on with rebuilding our failing physical and social infrastructures.

Virtually all politicians either don't get it, or are profiting from our ignorance. We need to get real and create a politic based on spending more and taxing less at the federal level. A balanced budget just means that the federal government will no longer provide the money that the private sector economy needs for spending and saving. And if you disagree for financial reasons, then you do not understand the US economy.

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