Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Book Sales Appear Strong!

My book, Richard Gatlin and the Confederate Defense of Eastern North Carolina, was released on March 23, 2015, a little over a week ago. As far as I can tell, book sales are satisfyingly strong. I've sold 27 copies myself from my small cache. I can't tell how many copies have been sold on amazon.com or on barnesandnoble.com but, even though it has fallen back now, at one point early on it ranked around number 124,000 on Amazon in overall sales and 15th in the category of Civil War - Confederate. On Barnes and Noble it has consistently ranked between 450,000 and 550,000. I don't really know what any of those numbers mean in terms of actual sales, however.

At any rate, I have heard from a handful of folks who have read it and let me know about it that it is a good, easy-flowing read. They seem to universally relate to and sympathize with General Gatlin too. I am looking forward to the appearance of the Kindle and Nook versions online, but don't know how soon that will be. I learned yesterday that there is only one copy in the Barnes and Noble store in Greenville, NC but that they have eight more copies on order for arrival this week. I have seen online ads for the book also from Target, Wal-Mart, and Sam's Club. Apparently, they either will carry it or sell it online.

This book is not a novel folks, but a biography and non-fiction historical account of Gatlin's life and his command of the North Carolina Department early in the Civil War. I strongly urge each and everyone to go ahead and get a copy, read it, even if you're not a Civil War buff (it's not just a Civil War book), and leave a review out on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Or just post your thoughts on this blog page in the comments somewhere. If you want a signed copy, email me, then send $20 bucks, and I will get one into the mail (foreign delivery extra). Thanks to each and everyone who has bought, will buy, and has read or will read my work.   

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